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The purpose of the Fellows Group shall be to recognize and honor members of Academy of Management (AOM) who have made significant contributions to the science and practice of management, and to provide opportunities for fellowship and a forum for discussion among persons so recognized and honored. The Fellows Group shall conduct an Annual Meeting in such a manner as the officers of the group may prescribe. Other activities of an educational nature may be performed which are deemed necessary for the exercise of intellectual leadership in the field of management.  Information about the AOM Fellows 2022 inductees.

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The AOM Fellows would like to share the following announcements:

Annual Meeting Professional Development Workshop
Celebrating Andy Van de Ven's Wonderfully Full Life

On 5 August, Andy Van de Ven’s friends and colleagues will celebrate his wonderful life at an Academy of Management PDW. We draw inspiration from Frank Capra’s assertion that the absence of a single exemplary individual (like George Bailey … or Andy Van de Ven) would have opened gaping holes in the social fabric of his community. 

Andy went the distance. He continued teaching a PhD seminar until just weeks before he passed away on April 30, 2022. Andy leaves a legacy of contributions that have influenced scholars across the Academy. His work has shaped our thinking on topics like organizational change, engaged scholarship, abduction, process theorization, and innovation.

Please join us to celebrate the diverse ideas and principled causes that sparked Andy’s passions.



2022 Award Winners for Responsible Research in Management

Eleven research studies in the field of management (12 journal articles and one book) have just been named as winners of the 2022 Responsible Research in Management Award. They were chosen from one hundred and twenty research books and articles nominated. Forty-five Fellows of the Academy of Management and forty corporate and public sector executives combined forces to read and evaluate these studies.

Three of these works were selected as Distinguished WinnersThe Engaged Scholar, by Hoffman, “Saving Our Oceans” by Porter, Tuertsher & Huysman, and “On the Riskiness of Lower-Tier Suppliers” by Villena & Gioia. Eight other studies were designated as WinnersClick here for the complete list, a detailed description of the selection process, a layperson’s summary of each work, and downloadable links to most of the winning works.

These outstanding studies were chosen because their methodological rigor produced credible results, they offer benefits to society, and they provide actionable knowledge. They join the award’s canon of “responsible research” that has now grown to include 15 books and 70 journal articles. This body of work achieves a trifecta – eminent management professors judge their methods and results to be compelling, policy makers find them beneficial to society, and practicing executives attest to their pragmatic utility. Scholars, managers, and society need more of this!

Please join us in Seattle on 6 August to celebrate management research that moves the world. Click here for details. 


Fellows Group of the Academy of Management

(Amended 11 August 2013 and Subsequently Ratified by Vote of Fellows)  Effective: 1 February 2014

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